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A hydrophobic two-part polyurethane, expanding foam designed to rapidly provide intermediate backfill for setting utility poles. It forms a high-density, high-strength foam that can structurally support the pole, and maintain its upright positions. Hardware may be strung after 15 minutes. Serves as a barrier impending the migration of preservation materials into the surrounding soil and ground water. Displays excellent adhesion to wood and manufactured poles and does not require the use of primers. Two-year shelf life.

Pole Setting Foam (#79701) can be used not only for setting poles, but is also designed for moisture barrier protection in handholes with large amounts of water present.
Expanding foam for use in setting poles or for building a moisture barrier in the cable entry section of a cross connect cabinet. 2 kits per case.
Also reference: #79698 Cardboard template for Moisture Barrier Kit used with expanding foam (#79701 Pole Setting Foam) for building moisture barrier in the cable entry section of a cross connect cabinet. Place template in handhole opening and pour foam. Instructions for installing the Moisture Barrier Kit available as a PDF download under the "Documentation" header.




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