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Brush for cleaning cable gels from cutter pressers, teeth, and other utility work tools. Made of solvent resistant bristles securely mounted in a hardwood handle. Effective tool for precision cleaning.


ContainerOrdering UOMUnits/CaseCase WeightCase Size
800100.75" bristle 5.75" total brush lengthCase121 lb9.5" x 6.5" x 4.5"


The TOOL CLEANER BRUSH can be used with any Rainbow cleaning products to clean:
  • Cutter presser cutting blades

  • Small terminals and connectors

  • Tools or parts with teeth, threads, or crevices

Basic Information

  • The TOOL CLEANER BRUSH is made of solvent-resistant bristles securely mounted in a hardwood handle. It is an effective tool for precision cleaning.

  • Designed for use with any Rainbow cleaning products, this brush is an excellent tool for removing cable gel, grease, c-cement, and other petroleum based products from tools with teeth, threads, or crevices and other hard-to-clean places.

  • Its compact size allows it to clean small and difficult areas.

  • After cleaning, treat equipment with Stormy All Weather Corrosion Protector (4401) for YEARS of protection against corrosion.

Features & Benefits

Contoured hardwood handleEasy to grip and hold
Compatible with all Rainbow cleaning productsMultiple uses
Compact size (0.75" x 5.75")Easy to store and carry