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POLE QWIKSET is specially formulated for straightening and settingpower utility poles when water is present in the hole. POLE QWIKSET sets up in 5 to 10 minutes and hardware can be mounted within 15 minutes.


ContainerOrdering UOMUnits/CaseCase WeightCase Size
405905 Gallon Pail1 Pail156 lbs5 Gallon Pail


Use POLE QWIKSET when water is present in hole to set:
  • New poles - transmission and distribution

  • Leaning poles

  • Decorative street light poles

  • Security light poles

  • Gate and fence posts

  • Highway DOTsign posts

Basic Information

  • POLE QWIKSET is packaged in a 50 lb. pail producing 2/3rdsof a cubic foot of non-expanding concrete material. Displacing water from the hole.

  • POLE QWIKSET can also be used to patch cracks and holes to stop water from running into concrete structures such as; manholes, vaults, concrete pipes and conduit.

  • POLE QWIKSET has a high compression strength of 5000 PSI and creates a solid foundation for all types of utility poles, light poles, fence posts, etc.

Features & Benefits

Fast setup so hardware can be mountedPole hardware can be mounted in 15 minutes
Very high compression strengthBegins hardening as fast as 5 to 10 minutes. Creating 5000 psi strength
Replaces traditional backfillSaves time = Saving money

Technical Highlights

    Compressive strength was tested per ASTM C-109 and yielded the following results: 3 day break 3462 psi 7 day break 4025 psi 28 day break 5000 psi Note:compressive strength values and set times will vary according to soil type,temperature, moisture content, and other environmental conditions.