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A two-component polyurethane foam that will stop running water. Used for sealing risers, conduits, ducts, and abandoned gas pipes against water, gas, and debris. Packed in a patented, portable dispenser that mixes and dispenses two-component materials with the ease of a caulking tube. Q-Pak is the safest duct seal foam because it protects against eruption. It expands 8 times its volume. One-year shelf-life. Use with the Heavy-Duty Injection Gun (79521).


ContainerOrdering UOMUnits/CaseCase WeightCase Size (LxWxH)
795286 oz KitCase12 Kits13 lbs16" x 14" x 13"


Use Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM in areas including:
  • Vaults

  • Wire

  • Power

  • Pipes

  • Conduits

  • Manholes

  • Central

  • Wall

  • Floor

Basic Information

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM is a two-component polyurethane foam used for sealing risers, conduits, ducts, and abandoned gas pipes against water, gas, and debris.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM is packed in a patented portable dispenser that mixes and dispenses two-component materials with the ease and convenience of a one-component dispenser. The dispenser is a rugged, all plastic, standard-sized caulking cartridge containing a circular motionless mixer. The two components mix internally and therefore, never come in contact with the installer.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM requires no special procedures and no clean-up of special tools or equipment. The product is installed with a standard 10 oz Caulking Gun (79521) or power application system.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM is shipped in a kit containing a Q-PAK cartridge, foam packing material, ram rod, and protective gloves.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM seals virtually any size or type of pipe or conduit, whether PVC, ABS, metal, or fiberglass. The foam can be easily removed to pull out cable or to open a previously sealed conduit for new cable installation.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM is mixed and dispensed in one step with no measuring, no manual mixing, and no product waste, so the product is always completely mixed in the correct ratio. It expands 8 times its volume.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM does not contain TDI or MOCA. The water-blown chemistry makes the product safer to use for the installer and the environment.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM displays excellent adhesion to most surfaces, including all types of conduit and cable shealths, without the use of primers. It reacts 50% of full strength in approximately 3 minutes and 80% within 60 minutes after mixing.

  • Q-PAK 2000 EXPANDING FOAM has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is a low-exotherm, fast-setting product that is tough; flows and foams around all shapes; and is easily re-enterable. If a fire retardant product is required, we recommend FireStop Kit (79508) containing 8 oz FireStop foam, gloves, ram rod, foam strips, and nozzle.

Features & Benefits

Convenient packagingNo hand mixing required, safe for personnel
Easily removableFaster re-entering time
Tough and flexibleHolds up to harsh environments - will NOT crack

Technical Highlights

    Part 1 (Polyol) Beige
    Part 2 (Isocyanate) Tan
    Mixed Light Yellow
    Mixing Ratio (Polyol/Isocyanate)
    By Weight 100/93
    By Volume 1:1
    Gel Time 1 - 1.5 minutes
    Full Cure Time 12 hours
    Foam Density 5 - 7 lbs/ft3
    Closed-Cell Content >90%
    Hardness 80 (Shore A)
    Compressive Strength >60 psi
    Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture. Recommended storage temperature is below 86°F (30°C).

Contact Information

261 Cahaba Valley Pkwy
Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 733-0333,

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