About: Staff

Account Manager:
Brandon Stamps 205.987.1119

Accounts Receivable Manager:
Kelly McDurmin 205.987.1126

Steve Yester 205.987.1133

Chairwoman of the Board:
Sarah Dean Steeley

Customer Service Representatives:
Karen Howard 205.987.1114 | Mary Ruddock 205.987.1170 | Jacob Steeley 205.987.1113

Marketing Services Coordinators:
Justin Steeley 205.987.1123 | Vic Wheeler 205.987.1116

Mark Steeley 205.987.1124

Purchasing Agent:
Tonya Reid 205.987.1127

Quality Assurance Manager:
Renee Steeley 205.987.1118

Senior Accounting Manager:
Marilynn Jones 205.987.1125

Staff Accountant/Receptionist:
Whitney McClellan 205.987.2600

Telecom Contract Administrator:
Natalie Cleckler 205.987.1128

Vice Chairman of the Board:
Larry Joe Steeley, Sr.

Vice President of Human Resources/Corporate Secretary:
Debbie McDurmin 205.987.1139

Vice President of Operations:
Larry Joe Steeley, Jr. 205.987.1117

Vice President of Power Sales:
Larry Wayne Steeley 205.987.1120

Vice President of Telecom Sales:
Penny Causey 205.987.1115

Warehouse Coordinator:
Anthony Stephenson 205.987.1129

Warehouse Support Specialists:
Randy Bohannan | Frank Gilbert | David Keen