The Best Industrial Lubricant

Industrial Field Technicians in the Utility and Telecommunications Industry have unique requirements in the equipment service work they perform. Much of their service work involves routine maintenance and repair of the equipment they support – cleaning and lubrication. But the variety of equipment they service combined with the space limitations of a service vehicle makes it nearly impossible to have the right cleaning and lubrication product on hand for any given service requirement. It is for this reason that Rainbow Technology created Multi-Purpose Lubricant.














Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a general-purpose lubricant that protects equipment and tools from damage caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation, and corrosion. It’s essentially five products in one – a moisture displacer, a corrosion inhibitor, a cleaner, and a penetrating oil and lubricant. The product is versatile in application will not break down or damage plastics or polymers. It has a high dielectric strength, making it safe to use on all Telecommunication and Utility equipment. The CO2 based propellant allows the product to be delivered evenly and reach difficult to access equipment components.

As an enhanced corrosion inhibitor, it displaces moisture, then seals out moisture with a protective film to protect tools and equipment from damage. It’s also a powerful penetrating lubricant that effectively lubricates and frees rusted parts. It also serves to keep equipment in good repair, extending end-of-life, ROI, and helps to avoid costly replacement. Multi-Purpose Lubricant has been tested to Mil-Spec C-81309E where it passed for corrosion preventative compounds, water displacing, ultra-thin film lubricants with amendment II for type II grade with CO2 propellant. It has been additionally tested to portions of Telcordia TR-NWT-001231-Generic Requirements for moisture displacing lubricants. In short, you will not find a better single product for broad-based service, maintenance, and repair of Telecommunications and Utility Industry equipment than Multi-Purpose Lubricant from Rainbow Technology. Multi-Purpose Lubricant can be used alone or in conjunction with other Rainbow Technology products including:

  • Corrosion Wash (4495)
  • Multi-Purpose Terminal Brush (4494)
  • “Knuckles” Hand & Tool Cleaner Towels (79315, 79316)
  • Silicone Spray (85000)
  • Clean & Lube (4410)
  • Corrosion Stop (86000)
  • Stormy® All Weather Corrosion Protector (4401)
  • Cutting Oil (85010)
  • Cold Galvanize (86010)
  • Clear RTV Silicone Sealant (88000)