Halt II – Dog Repellent

RTC# 4027,

Halt II has three times more Capsaicin than regular Halt. This pepper spray is designed for personal protection from dog and animal attacks. Includes a quick-aim safety cap and an integrated belt clip for easy access when the need arises. Protect your employees with this highly effective repellent that stops dogs in their tracks. Aerosol container that sprays accurately up to 10 feet. Bites from dogs and other animals not only are painful, they can lead to other medical problems. Giving employees the security of knowing they can protect themselves increases their productivity and eliminates loss of work time. This product can stop vicious dogs anywhere. Contain 1% Capsaicin, a medically safe substance that temporarily subdues attacking dogs with no lasting after effects. For best results, spray directly into the face and eyes of the attacking dog. Mail carriers employed be the United States Postal Service rely on Halt II to protect them while they work.

Technical Data


Use when working in outdoor locations where dogs may pose a danger in completing work tasks.

Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
4027Aerosol CanEach122 lbs6" L x 5" W x 5.5" H
Handy built-in belt clip Easy to carry and easy to reach when it is needed
Contains Capsaicin Medically safe pepper spray that leaves no lasting aftereffects
EPA registered Safe for use according to label instructions