RTC# 79490, RTC# 79500,

A one-component silicone adhesive/sealant which cures when exposed to air. Used for filling of gaps where drop wires or optical fibers pass through split grommets in pedestals and terminals. The 3 oz tube can be hand-squeezed. For the 10 oz tube, use 79521 Heavy-Duty Injection Caulk Gun to apply. Being a moisture cure material, it is widely used in the outside plant where its rapid formation of a skin is an advantage. Its non-sag property allows it to be used to fill gaps on vertical surfaces and to repair gaskets and seals. As an RTV silicone, the uncured material is often used as a lubricant/sealant in placing and holding stopper-type grommets. Even though the outer surface becomes dry to the touch within minutes of exposure to moisture, the inner material will remain soft enough to allow for fit up, hours after application. B-Sealant has been used to insulate and waterproof connections on distributed electronics. It is tested for the suitability of both power and signal electrical properties. B-Sealant is not flame retardant. Silicone rubber remains pliant throughout its service life and does not age, harden or crack as do natural or synthetic rubbers. It is an alkoxy cure material and does not give off corrosive vapors. There have been no reported incidences of incompatibility with the standard materials of construction found in the plant.
B-Sealant has been tested and approved by independent labs and meet Bell Operating Company Specification.

Technical Data


Use B-Sealant for:

  • Sealing Grommets
  • Drop Wires
  • Premise Entry Points
  • Fill Gaps
  • Repair Gaskets & Seals
  • Adhering Ducts, Joints, Electrical Wires, & Connectors
  • End Capping
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
7949010 oz TubeEach1210 lbs9.25" L x 6.25" W x 9.75" H
795003 oz TubeCase124 lbs8" L x 8" W x 5" H
Translucent color Does not cover wires or hide joints
Does not cause corrosion to copper wires Safe for OSP
The cap protects the remainder of sealant, keeping it clean No waste or mess

Tested per Bell Operating Company.
Specification CA08502.
Safe, contains no VOC – No mixing required.
Does not cause corrosion to copper wires.
Material Properties (77 F/25 C)
Copper Corrosion: Non-Corrosive (CA08502)
Stress Cracking of Polyethylene: None (CA08502)
Hardness, Shore A: 25-30 (ASTM D2240)
Sag Test: Pass (CA 08502)
Dielectric Constant: 2.8 (ASTM D150)
Dissipation Factor: 1.5 x 10 (ASTM D150)
Dielectric Strength: 550 Volts/ml (ASTM D149)
Color: Pass (ASTM D1209)
Expressibility: E>65 (CA08502)