Gray Enamel Paint Pen

RTC# 91104,

Testors’ 1/3 fl. oz. Gloss Gray Enamel Marker is ideal for any hobby, craft, or art project.

Directions for use: Simply shake the marker, pop the cap and press down a few times to prime the tip. It’s that easy. Once finished, be sure to snap the cap back on and you’ll be ready go for your next project.

Dry time depends on thickness and environmental conditions. Normal dry time is 1 hour dry to the touch, full cure is 48-72 hours for Enamel paints.

Technical Data

Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
91104Paint PenEach6.12 lbsN/A

2-in-1 Marker barrel (marker end & brush end) with space on the label to write the paint color name.

2 Dual ended nib tips and marker cap.

Screw on brush cap.

Marked syringe for easy and accurate transfer of paint.

Simple instructions provided on the back of the package.