Plugging Compound Sleeve Kit

RTC# 79488, RTC# 79499, RTC# 79475,

79488 & 79499 External Kits contain everything necessary except for Plugging Compound (79486 or 79503), for making air and/or moisture plugs in air core PIC and pulp/paper cables with single or double sheaths for external bonding. Includes plastic closure, 2 strips of B-sealing tape, channeling pins, vent plugs, and bond bar with web protector spacer foam.

79475 Internal kit contains plastic closure, b sealing tape (2 strips), channeling pins, sealant tape (2 strips), vent plugs, spacer foam, and bond braid for internal bonding.

Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
79488External - 12" Sleeve KitCase1217 lbs13" L x 15" W x 10" H
79499External - 18" Sleeve KitCase1220 lbs23" L x 15.5" W x 15.5" H
79475Internal - 12" Sleeve KitCase1217 lbs13.75" L x 13.75" W x 11" H