Pothole Filler

RTC# 4571,

Cold mix, ready to use. Hazardous potholes can be repaired as soon as they appear without the need for skilled laborers or special equipment. Recommended for potholes in roadways, highways, parking lots, railroad crossings, airport runway ramps, and similar vehicular traffic routes. Although it is a cold mix, it has the properties of a hot mix. The product forms a permanent patch that can withstand heavy traffic and often outlasts the original pavement. This pothole filler forms a skid-resistant patch that will not pop out. EZ Street Polymer-Modified Asphalt is also great for quick repairs due to trenching and digging on asphalt surfaces. Because EZ Street Polymer-Modified Asphalt adheres to wet or dry surfaces, you can use it in any weather conditions – rain, slush, snow, dry weather, summer heat, or subfreezing temperatures. EZ Street Polymer-Modified Asphalt is easy to use – no mixing, heating or priming. Just clear the pothole of debris and water, fill, and tamp down. Normal traffic completes the compaction process. Special chemical formula ensures stored product freshness for 6 months from date of manufacture.

Made in the USA.

Technical Data


Use EZ Street Polymer-Modified Asphalt for potholes and spalled concrete in many vechicular traffic routes including:

  • Roadways
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Parking Lots
  • Highways
  • Airport Runways
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
457150 lb BagBag150 lbs50 lb Bag
Can be used in water and any weather Repair potholes as soon as they appear to avoid costly large repairs
No special training or equipment necessary Save time and money
Formulated for long life Product retains freshness even when stored