Quick-Seal Expanding Foam

RTC# 79547,

A single-component polyurethane foam used as an insulating sealant and for adhesive applications. Stops air infiltration, minimizes outdoor noise, prevents pest infiltration, prohibits transmission of odor, and minimizes allergy irritants.

Quick-Seal Expanding Foam is a one-component expanding polyurethane foam sealant conveniently packaged in an easy to use aerosol can. Quick-Seal Expanding Foam is specially formulated so that it will cure even when exposed to moisture present in air.

Unlike caulks and other sealants, Quick-Seal Expanding Foam expands to fill the gap or hole. When cured, the foam assumes the shape of the cavity and forms an air tight seal. It does not shrink and will retain its sealing properties permanently. Quick-Seal Expanding Foam serves two important functions, first as a sealant and second as an insulation media to protect from moisture and temperature extremes.

Quick-Seal Expanding Foam sticks to most surfaces including wood, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics. The formulation contains no solvents and will not dry out, crack or shrink. Because it is semi-rigid when cured, it withstands expansion and contraction, without pulling away as conventional sealants do.

Technical Data


Use Quick-Seal Expanding Foam for:

  • Cable Risers
  • Abandoned Gas Lines
  • Pipe Openings
  • Voids & Gaps
  • Manholes
  • Vaults
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
79547Aerosol CanCase1213 lbs11.5" L x 10" W x 8.5" H
Strong adhesion qualities Sticks and bonds to most surfaces
More economical than caulks One 12 oz can yields about 4 gallons of cured foam equivalent to about 20 (11 oz) tubes of caulk

Flexible Strength: 40.4 psi – ASTM C-203
Compressive Strength: 12.0 psi – ASTM D-1621
Tensile Strength: 24.6 psi – ASTM D-1624
Shear Strength: 18.0 psi – ASTM C-273
Cream colored, smooth textured surfaces, may be sanded and/or painted/plastered over.