Semi-Float Safety Belt with Green Webbing

RTC# 73211, RTC# 73213, RTC# 73214, RTC# 73216, RTC# 73217,

Semi Float Body Belt with Tongue Buckle & 2 D-rings made of steel.
Nylon belt strap with contour Foam Padding.
It has tool loops, pouch tabs, & harness attachment.
Back pad width is 4″ and belt strap width is 1.75″ with nylon thread stitching.
User weight capacity is 350 lbs (when fully equipped).

Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
73211X-SmallEach13 lbs
73213SmallEach13 lbs
73214MediumEach13 lbs
73216LargeEach13 lbs
73217X-LargeEach13 lbs

Applicable OSHA Regulations/ASTM F887.
Made in the USA.