Soil Stabilizer

RTC# 40580,

Soil StabilizerĀ is designed to mix with backfill soil to prevent the ground from settling and eroding in trenching and excavation work. When mixed with soil, the unique formulation of Soil Stabilizer absorbs moisture from the ground creating a reaction which causes the mixture to harden to a high compressive strength. Soil Stabilizer binds the soil together creating a hard-pack foundation for utility equipment such as pad-mount transformers, cross-connect boxes, and other telecommunication and power equipment. Soil Stabilizer prevents sagging or shifting of pad-mounted equipment. Use Soil Stabilizer to increase the compaction strength of backfill when setting utility poles. Soil Stabilizer is also effective in road bed compaction to prevent sink holes in soft soil and high traffic areas.

Technical Data


Use Soil Stabilizer to:

  • Mix with backfill soil to create a hard-pack foundation for utility and telecom equipment.
  • Prevent erosion, sagging, sinking, and shifting of soil under pad-mounted equipment in road beds, soft soil areas, and high traffic areas.
  • Mix with backfill to set utility poles.
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
405805 Gallon PailPail150 lbs5 Gallon Pail
Easy to use Uses the existing backfill soil as aggregate and source of moisture
Creates hard-pack foundation surface Prevents pad-mounted equipment from shifting and settling
Develops high compressive strength Secures equipment and utility poles

Compressive strength was tested per ASTM C-109 and yielded the following results:
3 day break 3,462 psi
7 day break 4,025 psi
28 day break 5,500 psi
Note: Compressive strength values and set times will vary according to soil type, temperature, moisture content, and other environmental conditions.