Sprakil S-5 Brush Control

RTC# 4033,

This extremely powerful herbicide should be used only where you want to totally eliminate brush, trees, and other woody plants. Sprakil S-5 Brush Control Granules will clear vegetation from areas such as utility substations, railroad right-of-ways, firebreaks, and fence rows. Additional site application suggestions are on the label.

Sprakil S-5 Brush Control Granules contains 5.0% Tebuthiuron formulation on a dry granulated limestone carrier. It kills vegetation by absorption through the plant root system.

When applied to the soil, no other root-bearing plants will grow in that area for one or more seasons. Sprakil S-5 Brush Control Granules is considered a “bare ground” herbicide.

The duration of non-productivity is dependent upon rainfall, soil type, and other conditions. The dry granular formula of Sprakil S-5 Brush Control Granules makes it easy to use. Just broadcast the granules in the area to be cleared of vegetation. Rate of application 60 lb – 80 lb per acre.

Applications made early in the season have been found to give results superior to applications at a later seasonal date. May be applied at any time of the year except when ground is frozen.

Technical Data


Use Sprakil S-5 Brush Control Granules to eliminate root-bearing vegetaion for one growing season from sites such as:

  • Firebreaks
  • Fence Rows
  • Utility Substations
  • Railroad Right-of-Ways
  • Pole Yards
  • Storage Lots
  • Industrial Areas
  • Pad-Mounted Equipment
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
403340 lb BagEach140 lbs40 lb Bag
Destroys root-bearing plants for one growing season Follow-up treatments needed only once a year
Granular formula Easy to use

Active Ingredient: 5% Tebuthiuron
Total Vegetation Elimination
Effective for Entire Growing Season
Granular Formula Easy to Store and Apply
Rate of Application 60 lb – 80 lb per acre