Utility Sunscreen SPF 30+

RTC# 4022, RTC# 40223, RTC# 40230,

Industry recommended SPF 30. Can stay in sun 30 times longer without burning. Designed for all day protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Waterproof, resists sweating, and moisture. Greaseless formula dries rapidly and will not affect one’s hand grip nor, come off on tools and equipment. Specially formulated for the Telecom and Utility industries. One application lasts all day. People who work outdoors are in particular risk from the harmful rays of the sun. The sun’s rays can damage your skin throughout the year, not just in summer. Snow and ice are powerful reflectors of the sun’s rays. Pay special attention to protecting your nose, hands, and ears – even your scalp if you have thinning hair. Protecting the skin with Utility Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging associated with frequent and lengthy sun exposure.

Is Sunscreen Safe? Learn more at American Academy of Dermatology.


Use Utility Sunscreen year round to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Apply to any skin that has frequent or prolonged sun exposure including:

  • Arms
  • Ears
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Nose
  • Scalp
Rainbow Number Container Ordering UOM Units/Case Case Weight Case Size
40224 oz BottleCase124 lbs8" L x 6.5" W x 10.5" H
402232 oz Pump BottleCase244 lbs8" L x 4.5" W x 8.5" H
40230PouchCase3 - Boxes of 1002 lbs11.25" L x 8.75" W x 6" H
Greaseless formula Will not interfere with handling tools, will not harm rubber gloves
Waterproof Resists excessive sweating and wiping
PABA-free formula No allergy problems
Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection Maximum protection

Compatibility test with rubber lineman’s gloves – ANSI/ASTM D120, ASTM D412, ASTM D471. Test results available upon request.