Thaw Out with Canadian Formula De-Icer

Posted by John B. Holbrook, II on February 20, 2020

The change of seasons is always a beautiful time of year, but with that nip in the air comes the many challenges of Winter. It never fails – I look at my watch and realize I’m running late. I grab my coat, run out to my car and discover it’s a block of ice. Having lived in some harsh winter regions within the Midwest, I’ve actually been in situations where I couldn’t get in my car because the doors were frozen shut. I couldn’t even get into the trunk to get the scraper out. That’s where Canadian Formula De-Icer comes to the rescue.














Canadian Formula De-Icer actually melts frost, ice, and snow on contact down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Pro Tip: Keep containers of Canadian Formula De-Icer both inside and outside of your vehicle. I keep some at the office, in my garage, and in my trunk. It’s been a life saver for me in those times where I just didn’t have time to start the car and wait for the ice to melt or even time to scrape off the ice. I’m also not ashamed to admit that even when I do have time to scrape, I’m not quite tall enough to reach all the necessary spots on the windshield of my SUV… and neither is my wife. So I make sure she has some Canadian Formula De-Icer with her where she works as well. Worried about the finish on your car being melted away? Don’t be – Canadian Formula De-Icer will not harm paint, metal, plexiglass, or other surfaces found on passenger vehicles or other utility equipment. You can also use it on steps and walk ways which get downright treacherous during the Winter months – works like a charm! Better yet, once it’s been used on a surface, it will actually help prevent refreezing!

Rainbow Technology developed Canadian Formula De-Icer to meet the needs of Service Technicians in the Utility Industries – when sophisticated networks and power substations go down due to ice build up or frozen equipment, a fast and effective industrial-grade solution is required. Which is also why Canadian Formula De-Icer is a big step above anything that can be found in the consumer market. So whether you’re trying to maintain system uptime, or simply trying to make sure you’re not late due to Winter, Canadian Formula De-Icer is your best friend.