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© RAINBOW TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION's mission is to market specialty products and services to the utility and industrial markets, as well as, the Shooting Sports Industry (SSI) nationally and internationally. Rainbow is an important vendor to the telecommunications, electric power, industrial users, OEM's, contractors and distributors to these markets. Rainbow seeks niche products and services while continuing to focus on traditional products.

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A high dielectric, non-urethane, re-enterable encapsulant based on advanced polymer technology. RE-GEL forms a moisture-proof encapsulation for use in medium-voltage power distribution applications and can be used with either insulated conductors or bare connections where moisture must be excluded. Complete removal of encapsulant from a splice is not necessary upon re-entry, since new material will completely bond to existing cured encapsulant. It offers superior adhesive properties when bonding to conductor insulation. RE-GEL is intended to replace pitches, petroleums, mineral, or silicone oils in splices, termination chambers for network transformers, and potheads. One year shelf life.

CAUTION: When using RE-GEL in termination chambers or 3 phase potheads, the chambers must be thoroughly cleaned using only Denatured Alcohol. Using any other chemicals other than Denatured Alcohol could lead to serious damages as a result.