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© RAINBOW TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION's mission is to market specialty products and services to utility and industrial markets nationally and internationally. Rainbow is an important vendor to the telecommunications, electric power, other key utilities, industrial users, OEM’s, contractors, and distributors to these markets. Rainbow seeks niche products and services while continuing to focus on traditional products.

Rainbow Technology operates with the philosophy of total quality commitment and outstanding customer service support.

Rainbow Technology is a sound, financially strong company employing very professional and highly motivated employees operating as an extremely effective team.

New Products


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Five products in one. It is a moisture displacer, corrosion inhibitor, cleaner, penetrating oil, and lubricant. With a high dielectric strength, it is safe for use on all telecom and power equipment. It cleans, lubricates, and penetrates while displacing and sealing out moisture with a continuous film. This solvent based lubricant is safe for use on and around plastics.